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Our story


In 2007, Priv’Air was created to meet the needs of several business leaders and decision-makers in order for them to make short and frequent trips throughout Europe.

Public transport solutions were not able to function properly or be efficient.

A meeting or an appointment of a few hours often turned into one, or even several days lost in inflexible means of transport.

Since its creation, Priv’Air has supported several companies and individuals in optimizing their travel thanks to business aviation.

Excellent service together with a high level of professionalism of all the staff. Aircraft of remarkable quality standard in maximum travel comfort. Great choice, I will definitely travel with you again.

Maurizio Martina - www.gmr-race.com

For private jets, I use Priv'Air. They are excellent professionals, responsive, available and very kind and friendly. I entrust them with my eyes closed all my customers who are demanding. I have only positive feedback.

Catherine Gondon, CEO - www.agence76croisette.com

Top experience, everything was great: beautiful plane, comfortable flight and super nice crew. I will definitely fly with Priv’Air again!

Marco Paterno, Head of Luxembourg Office - www.cfe-finance.lu

Wonderful service. The team is very attentive and helpful. I will certainly be using Priv’Air more in 2022

Roberto Rayneri

Priv'Air team is fantastic, try them for a 5 star service.

Valerio Bordignon, Chief Financial Officer - www.cfe-finance.com

Priv’Air is the most pratical and smartest way to save time travelling. Crew members excel in professionalism and sense of security.

Michele Godani, Chief Administrative Officer - www.cfe-finance.com

An incredible willingness to accommodate all their customers: this defines my experience of Priv'Air

Arturo Barone - monaco.cfe-finance.com

Very professional team with great support and expertise, especially in the COVID and travel restrictions times. I have really enjoyed the support and guidance provided. Great plane, great crew, wonderful flight experience. Special 'Thank you' to Mike and Christian for a great customer experience.

Marco Zanuttini, Founder & CEO - www.techstar.it

The whole team at Priv’Air always gives an impeccable service. The flight arrangement are smooth and very professional. A perfect experience from beginning to end.

Riccardo Altamura, Chief Investment Officer

Our warm and renewed thanks for the seriousness and quality of service during our round trip by helicopter this Sunday. In addition to your punctuality and professionalism, you were able to provide us with the necessary explanations, both in flight and on the ground, to the profane full of apprehension we are my family and myself, and this with patience and smiles. Strong from this first successful experience, we will not fail to call on your services again in the future.

François Chabanian, CEO - www.belairfineart.com

Superb service from beginning to end - attentive, flexible with my changing needs, competent and helpful crew and an aircraft perfectly suited to our requirements. I recommend them unequivocally.

Mario Cordoni, CEO - www.cfe-finance.com



We organize your flights from start to finish, from planning to set-up. We choose together the most relevant airports for your trip. We can take care of your additional transport to and from your destination. If you travel often, we offer you better profitability for your travels by acquiring an aircraft adapted to your needs. In this case, we accompany you from the purchase to the resale through the management of your aircraft.

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The world’s favorite light jet: simple, safe and reliable

 1800 km

 up to 4 passengers

630 km/h


Reach further destinations faster with more comfort

2200 km

up to 6 passengers

750 km/h


Through our partners, we can arrange helicopter flights to get you faster to your final destination.

200 km

 up to 6 passengers

 200 km/h