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In 2007, Priv’Air was created to meet the needs of several business leaders and decision-makers who needed to make short and frequent trips throughout Europe.

The available offer was not adapted to their needs. A meeting or an appointment of a few hours often turned into one, or even several days lost in inflexible means of transport.

Since its creation, Priv’Air has supported several companies and individuals in optimizing their travel thanks to the private jet. .

From the choice of the aircraft best meeting your needs, through the acquisition, management and resale of your aircraft, Priv’Air offers its experience to propose a full range of services and tailor-made support.

At each stage, we surround ourselves with the best partners to provide you with the best experience in optimal security conditions.



We are proud of our human and professional values that we obtain thanks to essential and simple principles that are often not respected in our environment.

Punctuality is a difficult task because we are not the only stakeholders involved. We constantly have to manage everyone’s contingencies and international constraints. We work efficiently with discretion and respecting your privacy at all costs. These strengths make business aviation an absolute pleasure.

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